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YUAN Jiajun, the Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang CPC Provincial Committee and Governor of Zhejiang Province, Conducted Energy Research at REPT (Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd.)

Time:2020 02 27


On Feb. 26th, YUAN Jiajun, the Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang CPC Provincial Committee and the Governor of Zhejiang Province, went to REPT for the investigation and guidance on the enterprise’s epidemic prevention & control and the resumption of work & production, accompanied by CHEN Weijun, the member of Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and the Wenzhou Municipal Party Secretary, YAO Gaoyuan, the Mayor of Wenzhou City, and CHEN Yingxu, the Secretary of Longwan District and other leaders. CAO Hui, the Board Chairman of REPT warmly receives the delegation.


The delegation led by YUAN Jiajun went to the automatic production line of REPT?and checked the implementation of epidemic prevention and control as well as the resumption of work and production. CAO Hui introduced the company history, product performance and advantages, sales and application of REPT. During the early period of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the company purchased various protective materials emergently, made all preparations for work resumption as required, and strictly put the epidemic prevention and control measures into practice. With the government’s full support and the company’s effort, employees from other provinces and cities returned with the work resumption rate reaching 75%. Now the recovery rate of the Company’s?production line has reached 80%, and will reach 100% at the end of this month. CAO Hui said “The Company is? confident? in making it to the end of the anti-epidemic battle. Under the strong leadership of the municipal and district governments, we are focusing on both anti-epidemic and work resumption, ensuring the worker’s life safety and physical condition, and promoting a sustainable development in ?the new energy industry”.


YUAN Jiajun highly recognized REPT?for the precautions it took in the face of the epidemic, and praised REPT?for the anti-epidemic prevention and work resumption. During the visit, the delegation learned that REPT?had completed the company registration, construction of 200,000 m2 workshop, product R&D, scale production and massive sales within only 2 years, while focusing on the discussion of ?the core technology advantages of REPT.


At the subsequent meeting, CAO Hui said, “in the past three decades, Tsingshan was focusing the on stainless steel manufacturing industry. With pioneering and fighting spirit, Tsingshan became the first in both stainless steel and metal nickel industries worldwide via its technology innovation and coordination development of industry chains. Entering the new energy market and establishing REPT?is Tsingshan Industry’s ?third entrepreneurship, which largely expanded the industry chain span of nickel metals. With entrepreneur-friendly environment promoted by Wenzhou Municipal Government and Longwan District Government, REPT?realized rapid growth. Currently, the company’s top product supports 300-600KM endurance mileage, which has been widely recognized by Dongfeng Automobile, SGMW, VM Motor and other vehicles. Last year, the export of its energy storage products exceeded 100MWH and the products are also, widely used in domestic markets. The batteries of its commercial vehicles are well received and have been loaded in batch among customers represented by Wenzhou Transportation Group. In the near future, we hope to make contributions to the construction of green & smart city and bus electrification.”


YUAN Jiajun listened to the report carefully and fully recognized Tsingshan Industry for its pioneering and innovative entrepreneur spirit. He pointed out that: Wenzhou needs more businessmen represent the entrepreneurship in the course of industrial upgrading from stainless steel to the manufacturing of new energy power batteries. Supported by Zhenjiang Province, the power battery was a special project applied in intelligent manufacturing and new energy automobiles, bearing tremendous development prospect and space. As a strategic and emerging leading enterprise of Zhejiang Province, REPT?has significant advantages in terms of technology and industry chains. Taking product quality as the first core competitiveness, REPT?will focus on R&D and make its best for the green energy storage projects of Zhejiang Province, public transport and Green Asian Games in 2020.