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Wenbo XIANG, BOD Member of SANY Group and President of SANY Heavy Industry, Visited REPT Energy

Time:2020 06 08


On June 8th, a delegation group?led by Mr. Xiang Wenbo, director of SANY Group and President of SANY Heavy Industry, and Mr. Liang Linhe, director of SANY Group and Chairman of SANY Truck Division, visited the production base of REPT Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Xiang Guangda, Chairman of Board of Tsingshan Industry, Ms. Sun Jianfen, President of Tsingshan Holding Group, Mr. Hu Xiaodong, Chairman of Yongqing Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Cao Hui, Chairman of REPT Co., Ltd.