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The Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee CHEN Weijun Visited REPT for Guidance and Pointed Out that We Should Overcome Difficulties to Win the Battle Against the Epidemic and Promote the Green City Construction in Wenzhou

Time:2020 02 21


On February 20, the?delegation led by CHEN Weijun, the member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, visited REPT (Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd.) for investigation and guidance on the enterprise’s epidemic prevention & control and the resumption of work & production, and launched the government’s “Three Services” campaign. They were accompanied by chairman of CPPCC Wenzhou Municipal Committee CHEN Zuorong, member and secretary-general of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee WANG Jun, vice chairman of CPPCC Wenzhou Municipal Committee BAO Xiao’ou, the relevant responsible persons from the municipal party committee office, the municipal bureau of economy and information technology, the municipal organization department and the municipal resources and social security bureau, the secretary of Longwan District Committee CHEN Yingxu and other principal responsible persons from the district people’s government.?The president of Tsingshan?Group SUN Jianfen, the chairman of REPT CAO Hui?and relevant responsible persons warmly received?the delegation.


CHEN Weijun and his delegation examined the implementation of epidemic prevention measures in the company’s R&D building, plants and other places and affirmed REPT for its strictly practicing and implementing the prevention and control measures. He hoped that REPT would continue its effort and win the battle against the epidemic. Subsequently, CHEN Weijun presided over the report-back meeting on epidemic prevention & control and resumption of work & production, and listened to the field work reports from relevant municipal departments and secretary of Longwan District Committee CHEN Yingxu on epidemic prevention & control and resumption of work & production.


At the meeting, CAO Hui first introduced REPT’s production resumption and ?improvement, current situation in 2019 and goals in 2020. He said, “REPT is pioneering domestically with the product quality tested by the market. In 2020, REPT will focus on the competitiveness of core products and strive for greater ?breakthroughs. At present, the company is preparing ?for the resumption of work as requested, strictly implementing the relevant measures for epidemic prevention and control, and doing well in various works including application for returning to work, registration of on-the-job employees, daily temperature measurement, disinfection of public places and production places and separate dining of the staff, so as to guarantee the safety and health of employees. We also strictly implement closed-off management in the plants, set up temporary quarantine areas, and conduct real-time control of the staff’s health condition in each department every day, so as to ensure that the situation is reported and dealt with in time”. Besides, he pointed out, “Currently, the production resumption rate of the company’s production lines reaches 50%, and various active measures are being taken to ensure the smooth return of employees from other places. REPT’s achievements in 2019 cannot be made without the strong support of the People’s Government of Wenzhou City and the Wenzhou Transportation Group. REPT will continue to develop creative technologies, actively cooperate with the smart city development of Wenzhou, and carry out more extensive cooperation with Wenzhou Transportation Group. We hope that the government can give relevant policy support.”


After learning about the company’s development, product technology & quality, work resumption, epidemic prevention & control measures and the difficulties it encountered after work resumption, CHEN Weijun spoke highly of REPT’s determination and ability in breaking industry bottlenecks and affirmed REPT’s rapid development. He said that Wenzhou would continue to promote the use of electric buses, and hoped that REPT would develop and manufacture better battery products to promote the green city construction of Wenzhou. In response to the outbreak, he said, “The enterprise-related government departments will set up special aid groups to guide enterprises to organize scientific and sound epidemic prevention and control measures, fulfil the primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to ensure employees’ returning to work, smooth raw materials flow, safe and smooth production resumption of enterprises. The government has launched policy-based subsidies for enterprises’ losses caused by the epidemic. We hope that enterprises can overcome difficulties, fully implement epidemic prevention& control in an orderly manner while carrying out safety production in an orderly manner, thus to win the battle against the epidemic.”