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The second phase of Ruipu Energy’s 8GWh annual output project started, it will plan to invest 1.5 billion yuan!

Time:2020 10 10


On October 9th, Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Manufacturing Base Phase II of the 8GWh annual power and energy storage lithium-ion battery and system project held a groundbreaking ceremony. CAO Hui, the Board Chairman of REPT announced the official start of the project.





REPT Wenzhou Manufacturing Base Phase II Project with an annual output of 8GWh power and energy storage lithium-ion batteries and systems plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan to introduce high-end technology in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry, and to build fully automatic production lines. At present, the leveling of the site has been ended and piling has begun. It is expected to be officially put into production in the second half of 2021, and then Wenzhou manufacturing base will achieve a total annual production capacity of 14GWh.