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Second Batch of 40 Tons Medical Supplies from Tsingshan arrived at Jakarta Indonesia

Time:2020 03 27


At 9:00, March 27th, at the invitation of Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment Coordination, Eternal Tsingshan Group Limited (“Eternal Tsingshan”) and representatives from?enterprises in the industrial park visited Angkasa Pura Karga 530 warehouse at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to attend the donation ceremony and press?conference of the second batch of 40 tons medical supplies from Tsingshan.


The medical supplies donated by Tsingshan Industry include protective clothing, goggles, medical masks, gloves, etc., totaling 104 cubic meters and valued at CNY 3.02 million. Besides, enterprises in the industrial park, including Huayou Cobalt, GEM Co., Zhenshi Holding and Guangdong Brunp?Recycling, have donated 160 cubic meters of medical supplies worth over CNY 3.2 million as well.