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REPT Suppliers Conference 2019 Was Successfully Held

Time:2020 01 04


On January 3, REPT sincerely invited more than 160 attendees from 103 suppliers that had in-depth cooperation with REPT in 2019 to attend REPT’s Suppliers Conference 2019. The Vice chairman of REPT JIANG Sen, the vice presidents of REPT YU Zhaoyu and HOU Min and the system technical director CAO Kai attended the conference. The conference was hosted by ZHANG Zhiming, secretary of the board of directors and president assistant.


JIANG Sen gave a detailed introduction of the history of Tsingshan Industry and REPT. He pointed out, “After a year of development, REPT has made great achievements in the industry, which can’t be made without full cooperation of most the ?suppliers in 2019. Major problems including too many projects, relatively low MOQ and urgent delivery time have been solved successfully.” JIANG Sen also analyzed the purchase volume and purchase composition of the whole year in 2019, as well as the major supporting projects. Based on the production capacity and development in 2020, the annual purchase volume in 2020 is estimated. He proposed ?the guidelines for REPT’s purchase work in 2020—timely delivery, stable quality, and cost control.


At the conference, YU Zhaoyu and CAO Kai respectively made a summary and prospect on REPT’s manufacturing operations and technology R&D in 2019.


At the roundtable forum, the supplier representatives spoke highly of REPT’s enterprise spirit of “honesty, high-efficiency and pioneering”, and the efficient, pragmatic, dedicated work style, as well as the open and inclusive enterprise demeanor. At the same time, they pointed out that the conference gave the suppliers a better understanding of REPT and made the two parties cooperate more closely and gain more determination to join hands to overcome current industry downturn. They expected that REPT would become a benchmark in the new energy industry and create high-quality, high-consistency and cost-effective lithium-ion battery and energy storage products.


At the end, GUO Yonghua, the purchasing representative, took the stage to read the declaration of honesty and integrity. And then the purchasing manager and all supplier representatives took the stage to sign the honesty and integrity commitment letters.


At the dinner, the chairman of REPT CAO Hui delivered a speech and issued the outstanding supplier award. He extended his gratitude to all suppliers who had given great support to REPT in 2019 and hoped that all would strengthen cooperation and go forward hand in hand in the future to create the most cost-effective lithium-ion battery and energy storage products.