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Guangtsing Technology 300 Series Basic Long-acting Antibacterial Stainless Steel Achieves Mass Production

Time:2020 05 14


The COVID-19 epidemic broke out last year has now become a public safety and health incident worldwide. In order to block the contact and spread of the COVID-19, in addition to regular disinfection of public facilities, the use of antibacterial materials has also become a recent hot spot. Antibacterial stainless steel has been developed since the 1990s. Recently, many stainless-steel companies have also released 200 series and 400 series antibacterial products. Guangdong Guangtsing Metal Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the leading enterprises in the domestic production of 300 series wide stainless steel, has also vigorously developed 300 series antibacterial stainless steel recently under the direction of the company’s leadership. After 2 months’, research and development, trial production, testing and promotion, at present, the 300 series of copper-containing antibacterial stainless steel has been produced in stable batches.