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Delegation Led by Minister of BKPM Bahlil Lahadalia Visited Tsingshan Group

Time:2019 12 06


December 4th to 5th, a ?20-member delegation led by minister of BKPM (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal) Bahlil Lahadalia and governor of Indonesia’s Papua Province Lukas Enembe visited Tsingshan Group.


December 4th, the delegation led by Bahlil Lahadalia visited the Tsingshan Headquarters Building. They were accompanied by deputy mayor of Wenzhou City?YIN Zhijunm, the director of Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Wenzhou City LEI Wendong and deputy head of Longwan District WANG Xiaochun. The leadership of Tsingshan Group including XIANG Bingxue, SUN Jianfen, WANG Haijun and HU Xiaodong, warmly received them.


At the symposium held at the 15/ F meeting room in the Tsingshan Headquarters Building, YIN Zhijunm introduced the basic information of Wenzhou and then said that Tsingshan was the outstanding representative of Wenzhou’s “go-out” enterprises and also one of the first batch of Chinese enterprises entering Indonesia. He hoped that Indonesian government would support Tsingshan’s development in Indonesia as always and provide more preferential policies and broader development space for Wenzhou enterprises in Indonesia. Bahlil Lahadalia extended his gratitude to the Wenzhou government and Tsingshan Group for their warm reception and introduced the basic information of Papua Province. He pointed out that Tsingshan had achieved gratifying results in a number of projects in Indonesia, and hoped that Tsingshan would conduct investment and development in Papua Province.


During the visit to the automatic production line of REPT (Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd.), Bahlil Lahadalia said, “Tsingshan Industry is a bridge for in-depth cooperation and communication between China and Indonesia. We hope to deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation in various fields, especially in the field of new energy, so as to achieve sustainable development.” The chairman of REPT, CAO Hui said, “As a promising lithium battery enterprise, REPT, relying on its strong R&D strength and cooperation ability in production, has been adhering to the goal of becoming an expert in new energy power and energy storage. Right in the first year when it was officially put into production, REPT had won the favor of China’s first-class automobile enterprises, and had realized 22 finished automobile models and delivered nearly 100 megawatt-hour energy storage system.”?CAO Hui gave a detailed introduction to the real-time operation and revenue status of the FM industrial energy storage system which had been deployed and put into use in IMIP. The two sides also discussed the deployment of integrated photovoltaic power generation & energy storage system and electric two-wheeled vehicle market in offshore islands of Indonesia.


Accompanied by XIANG Bingxue, WANG Haijun, HU Xiaodong and other executives of the Group, the 10-member delegation led by Lukas Enembe, governor of Papua Province, visited and investigated Tsingtuo Group on December 5. JIANG Haihong, chairman of Tsingtuo Group, warmly received them.


The?delegation?visited the Group’s supply & marketing center, research institute, electronic exhibition hall and other venues. WANG Haijun gave a detailed introduction to Tsingtuo’s development history, modern management mode, and scientific and technological innovation, etc. They were amazed at the scale and speed of the Group’s development. The delegation then visited Tsingtuo’s hot rolling production workshop and got a close understanding of the stainless steel production line and finished products. They spoke highly of Tsingtuo’s craftsmanship spirit in creating high-end and high-quality products.


After listening to the introduction, governor Lukas Enembe expressed his appreciation for the rapid development and achievements of the enterprise and hoped to strengthen communication and exchanges, establish better partnership and achieve joint development in future.